[slime-devel] Winner-mode doesn't work with SLIME

Timo Mihaljov timo at mihaljov.info
Thu Jan 19 22:27:58 UTC 2012

I'm having trouble restoring my window configuration after SLIME changes
it. I use winner-mode, but for some reason winner-undo doesn't work for
the changes that SLIME makes. The following screenshots demonstrate the

1. http://i.imgur.com/2EoKK.png

This is my initial window configuration. I've entered a bit of invalid
source code ("asdf") into a Common Lisp file to get SLIME to pop up an
error window upon compilation.

2. http://i.imgur.com/EB8JT.png

This is the window configuration after C-c C-k'ing the invalid source
code. As expected, SLIME has popped up an error window.

3. http://i.imgur.com/T3TrJ.png

This is the window configuration after calling winner-undo. I'd expect
it to match the initial window configuration, but instead the pop up
window stays up and shows a random buffer.

4. http://i.imgur.com/qp6cn.png

For some reason calling winner-redo restored the initial window
configuration. This is the result that I expected when calling
winner-undo. However, it's not always the undo-redo combination that
restores the original window configuration, e.g. sometimes I have to
undo twice to get the windows back the way they were.

I use winner-mode all the time, and it only has trouble with the changes
that SLIME makes, which suggests that there's something peculiar about
the way that SLIME shows its pop ups. Is there something that can be
done to make SLIME work the way winner-mode expects (which seems to be
the way the rest of Emacs works)?


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