[slime-devel] top-level keywords in ACL

Anton Kovalenko anton at sw4me.com
Tue Sep 6 18:10:22 UTC 2011

UU UUUUU <melbardman at gmail.com> writes:

> In the ACL top level REPL, keywords 
> like ":cd" and ":pwd" have specific meanings. 
> :cd changes the current directory, and :pwd prints it. 
> When I type these into the slime repl, 
> they are just interpreted 
> as keywords. How can I recover the ACL top-level 
> functionality from the slime repl?

1. It is possible, but not easy (I have some unpublished hack for this
   purpose, but it takes some time to isolate & publish...).

2. SLIME has its own REPL extensions, activated by , (comma) being the
   first character, and providing minibuffer prompt, completion and
   other goodies like that. You might like it even more.

3. There is also a portable REPL in the (quicklispable) gbbopen
   project. It looks somewhat closer to ACL-REPL, only more complex (it
   aims at easy extensibility and support for multiple systems/modules).
   It hooks into SLIME/SWANK automatically (IIRC any load order is ok,
   either swank-first or gbbopen-first).

Regards, Anton Kovalenko
+7(916)345-34-02 | Elektrostal' MO, Russia

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