[slime-devel] Unicode character misbehavior?

Attila Lendvai attila.lendvai at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 17:31:09 UTC 2011

> An appropriate :coding-system when starting the server would probably help.
> E.g.:
>  (swank:create-server :port 4007 :style :spawn :dont-close t
>                       :coding-system "utf-8-unix")

using utf-8 as default in 2011 would have spared numerous people a
whole lot of time.

instead we keep on repeating such threads to... why exactly?

my take on this is sitting in our branch for ages:


or if meanwhile the link gets broken by rebasing, then look up this patch:

More sensible defaults:

 - slime-setup loads slime-fancy if called without arguments
 - use utf-8 encoding by default


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