[slime-devel] meta-. off by several lines on SLIME/ACL/Emacs/Windows, anyone seen this?

mhd at yv.org mhd at yv.org
Thu Oct 27 14:05:38 UTC 2011

When I do meta-., it takes me there, but it's off by several lines, and at a random place in the middle of the line.
I think it's consistently above the def.  But not by the same amount of lines each time.
And I'm in a random part of the line.  Should be at the beginning, right?
It's stable in a session: two repeated meta-.'s take me to the same place each time.
Admittedly, I've not any home work on versions of SLIME/Emacs/ACL/Windows.
Not asking for anyone to do any more than say if they recall anything like this.
I use SBCL and CCL with the otherwise-same stack with no similar problems

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