[slime-devel] Question about Slime & SBCL on Windows

Anton Kovalenko anton at sw4me.com
Mon Nov 28 21:38:16 UTC 2011

"Mark H. David" <mhd at yv.org> writes:

> I'm just using reasonably recent SLIME and SBCL.  Ctrl+c doesn't work.  I
> can only use SBCL for limited trying out things, not for most of my
> development.  Is there no way to get this just to be the default in the
> regular version of SBCL, and with default SLIME settings?  Any news on that
> front?

For now, C-c C-c for SLIME+SBCL is supposed to work in all configurations
where it can work at all. It means any threaded SBCL, and non-threaded SBCL on
Unix-like systems.

Regular (i.e. nonpatched, mainline) SBCL *on Windows* doesn't support C-c C-c,
because it has neither threads nor interrupts (mine has both, making it
possible to use C-c in raw REPL, and in SLIME for non-:spawn communication
mode when SBCL is started from emacs, as opposed to slime-connect'ing to an
independent SBCL process).

It would be useful to know your OS, platform and SBCL version in order to give
some relevant answer at first attempt. I've concentrated on Windows in my
answer because it's hard to believe that such a failure is possible with
current SBCL+Slime on Linux, and other platforms' users don't forget to name
their OS when reporting a problem.

Regards, Anton Kovalenko <http://github.com/akovalenko/sbcl-win32-threads/wiki>
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