[slime-devel] *slime-inspector* [set value] and current package not in synch - bugp?

MON KEY monkey at sandpframing.com
Thu Mar 3 17:20:59 UTC 2011

I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I instead I am the one in error.

>From the *slime-inspector* window, with the *slime-inspector* as
current-buffer when I evaluate the elisp form:
 (slime-interactive-eval *package*)

the return value is a package descriptor for PKG-A.

When inspecting a class instance INSTANCE-I interned in package PKG-A
I'm given the option of setting the slot value for SLOT-S of

This option is presented as a button "[set value]" in the

The elisp command `slime-inspector-operate-on-point' is attached to
the button.

SLOT-S of INSTANCE-I has neither :reader :writer nor :accessor
methods, e.g. its spec is:

 (slot-s :initarg slot-s :initform nil)

When attempting to set SLOT-S of INSTANCE-I from *slime-inspector* to
the value of a defvar'd variable PKG-A:VAR-V interned in package PKG-A
as VAR-V, I get the warning that:

 "The variable COMMON-LISP-USER::VAR-V is unbound."

If I instead set the slot value to  value of PKG-A:VAR-V it works fine.

When invoking the "[set value]" action from the *slime-inspector*
buffer why does it not recognize that the current package is PKG-A and

I've reported this as a putative bug here:

A description of the problem is also pasted here:


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