[slime-devel] slime-enclosing-context and mdot-fu

Dan Lentz danlentz at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 05:35:59 UTC 2011

What is the current status of the "meta-dot" capability to jump around
source files?  I ask because it hasn't worked for me in quite a while and i
notice on line 7 of slime-enclosing-context the following:  (:on-load (error
"This contrib does not work at the moment.")).

The error i receive when trying to mdot has been consistent across several
lisps; currently under Allegro** it appears as follows:

  multiple-value-call: Symbol's function definition is void:

Is this functionality indeed gone?  Has it been superseded by some other
technique, or are there generally accepted workarounds?

any info appreciated, thanks much.

** configuration details of system experiencing error **
:slime cvs-head, 12-10-2010
:lisp-implementation (:type "International Allegro CL Enterprise Edition"
:name "allegro" :version "8.2 [64-bit Mac OS X (Intel)] (Dec 17, 2010
:machine (:instance "cobain.ebu.gs" :type "64-bit x86-64" :version "x86_64")
:encoding (:coding-system "utf-8-unix" :external-format  "#<external-format
:utf8 [(excl:crlf-base-ef :utf8)]>")
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