[slime-devel] Swank requires :dont-close t to connect

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Sat Aug 6 19:34:59 UTC 2011

* Red Daly [2011-08-06 17:14] writes:

> Hi All,
> After installing SBCL 1.50 and the most recent CVS version of slime on a
> linux machine (Ubuntu 11.04), I needed to change slime.el in order for M-x
> slime to work within emacs.  I don't know why this was necessary, but I
> changed the slime-init-command function to include a :dont-close t argument
> to the swank:start-server call.

This sounds like the problem here:

In summary: it should be fixed in recent Emacs versions (patch went into
Emacs24 on 2010-03-25 and backported to Emacs23 in November).

If your Emacs is older than that the :dont-close trick is probably the
easiest fix.


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