[slime-devel] How to restart the inferior kawa swank server?

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Thu Aug 4 20:18:07 UTC 2011

* Leo [2011-08-04 18:16] writes:

> On 2011-08-04 22:29 +0800, Helmut Eller wrote:
>> I assume you do something like
>> shell# rlwrap java7 -Xss450k -cp
>> /opt/java/current/lib/tools.jar:/scratch/kawa
>> -agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n kawa.repl -s
>> Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 39670
>> #|kawa:1|# (require "/home/helmut/lisp/slime/contrib/swank-kawa.scm")
>> #|kawa:2|# (create-swank-server 4005)
> This was exactly how I started swank. But it does not run in the
> background. 

You could start it in a new thread: (future (create-swank-server 4005))

> How to stop swank and go back to the REPL?

I never implemented a clean shutdown/restart.  Restarting the whole JVM
was mostly good enough for me (and is almost unavoidable from time to

> Another issue I noticed is after leaving emacs idle for a while,
> surprisingly there appear out of nowhere two pending requests to the
> swank server. I can't figure out a way to restart the swank server
> without restarting kawa.

That could be a bug triggered by SPC and swank tries to find some
arglist but somehow fails along the way.

It could also be a bug in JDI.  Hard to say exactly.

> My current setup is adding a 'kawa entry to 'slime-lisp-implementations
> and M-- M-x slime RET kawa RET (just like suggested in swank-kawa.scm).

This might be useful:

(defun kawa ()
  (slime 'kawa))

This way M-x kawa starts the 'kawa entry from slime-lisp-implementations.

> But if I disconnect slime-repl (using the repl shortcut ,disconnect)
> from the inferior swank server, that seems to also stop the swank
> server.
> So I eval in emacs
>  M-: (slime-inferior-connect (get-buffer-process (current-buffer)) \
>         (slime-inferior-lisp-args (get-buffer-process (current-buffer))))
> to restart the swank server and have the slime-repl buffer open up
> again. This now works perfectly with your patch.
> One inconvenience with the Kawa swank server is it does not respond to
> slime-interrupt. Is there a workaround?

slime-interrupt should work to some degree.  E.g we can interrupt and
continue this example:

(define (foo) (let loop () (loop)))

Sometimes it takes a long time until the JVM stops the thread.

(define (foo) (foo))

There may also be bugs in Swank that prevent it from working in some 


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