[slime-devel] Can't locate module: SWANK-IO-PACKAGE::SWANK-PACKAGE-FU

Sebastian Tennant sebyte at smolny.plus.com
Sat Apr 23 19:42:01 UTC 2011

Quoth Helmut Eller <heller at common-lisp.net>:
> * Sebastian Tennant [2011-04-22 20:26] writes:
>> The lisp image uses a core built like this:
>>  (mapc #'ql:quickload
>>        '("SWANK"
>>          ;;; more packages here
>>          ))
>>  (swank-loader:dump-image "foo.core")
> Slime can't find contrib/swank-package-fu.lisp.  You can fix that by
> loading it before dumping the image;

Not necessary.

> alternatively you can make it available at runtime in one of the directories
> listed in swank::*load-path*.

Again, not necessary.  swank::*load-path* already includes the slime/contrib

The problem was a file permissions problem, entirely of my own making.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction though.

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