[slime-devel] Switching between last two buffers

Jean-Philippe Paradis hexstream at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 16:19:31 UTC 2011

Doesn't emacs already have that built-in? This isn't slime-specific at all...

C-x b RET (and repeat it again to come back, as many times as needed)

I use this extensively...

And of course if you want to compare differences, C-x 2 or C-x 3 might
be the thing for you. C-x 0 to kill the current "window", C-x 1 to
keep only the current "window" (going back to "full-screen mode")...

You might want to have a look at the Emacs manual for "Windows":

C-h i (to access Info)

d (to access the Directory node, if not already there)

m Emacs (to access the Emacs manual from the menu)

m Windows (to access the chapter on windows from the menu).

>From within Info, press H to access the info tutorial for basic
commands on how to use Info, it's a necessity to learn Emacs properly
and many Unix tools have their main documentation in Info...

Hope this helps!

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