[slime-devel] How to load something after Lisp starts

Elliott Slaughter elliottslaughter at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 23:54:53 UTC 2011


I'm wondering if it's possible to ask slime to load something after a Lisp
session has started. I've tried the following

(eval-after-load "slime"
     (slime-interactive-eval "...")))

But the expression seems to never get run. I've also tried

  (while (not (slime-connected-p))
    (sleep-for 0 200))
    (slime-interactive-eval "..."))

Which works, but is horrible in other ways.

Is there a good way to do this?


Elliott Slaughter

"Don't worry about what anybody else is going to do. The best way to predict
the future is to invent it." - Alan Kay
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