[slime-devel] slime with ecl disconnects right away.

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Tue Jun 22 10:16:30 UTC 2010

* Pascal J. Bourguignon [2010-06-21 23:40] writes:

> With ecl from git HEAD, and slime from CVS HEAD as of of today, 
> I have two problems:
> - when compiling/loading the swank-arglists.lisp contrib, it fails
>   with a NIL hashtable argument to GETHASH.
> - when I comment out swank-arglists and swank-c-p-c from *contribs*, 
>   and launching slime with:
>   C-u M-x slime RET /usr/local/bin/ecl -norc -q RET
>   it closes the connection at the startup:

I can't reproduce neither.  I built a new ECL from git HEAD and
installed it in /opt/ecl and it seems to work as it should.

Are you sure that your ECL installation works properly?  Can you try to
install ECL in a directory other than /usr/local ?


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