[slime-devel] Readtables

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Tue Jan 5 09:23:04 UTC 2010

* Terje Norderhaug [2010-01-01 06:23+0100] writes:

> One way to have the REPL respect reader macro characters is by making  
> evaluation on swank return the index of the first character not read,  
> with the client using this as the starting position for the next read.

Nice idea. But there are still problems with reader macros.  E.g.
input like

(progn #.(print 'foo) <RET>

would print FOO twice.  If you want to add this kind of state to the
protocol it might be easier to make the REPL read from a custom stream.
The stream informs Emacs when more input is requested.  The REPL in turn
tells Emacs when to print results and prompts.


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