[slime-devel] Possible bugs in slime contrib-inclusions

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Sat Feb 13 18:08:35 UTC 2010

* Matt Lamari [2010-02-13 18:20+0100] writes:

> Lispworks.  It contains compile-file; but the delivered EXEs it produces
> do not (this is by design).  Slime has to connect to a delivered EXE in
> my situation.
> It seems *intended* to compile if the source is newer than the FASL
> file.  But due to the problem I see, it is rebuilding elements that I
> know have already been compiled in from latest.
> The ability to use compile-file at runtime would be sufficient to mask
> the problem.  Indeed, the logic I mentioned could be broken completely
> (to recompile everything every time) and most users wouldn't notice it.

The loader (swank-loader.lisp) may call compile-file if the source is
newer or the fasl file doesn't exist.  I'm pretty sure that that part
isn't broken, otherwise SBCL would start noticeably slower.

swank-require doesn't call compile-file.  It loads the source if the
fasl file doesn't exist.  (I think that we can exclude the possibility
that cl:require calls compile-file for Lispworks.)

Maybe some file/directory names aren't set correctly for the EXE
version, but it's hard to say without a more concrete error


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