[slime-devel] Possible bug in slime-indentation.el's slime-handle-indentation-update - modifying user defaults

Matt Lamari matt.lamari at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 15:53:00 UTC 2010

This comes to a head with a lisp library defining a macro "defmethod" in
another package that wrecks its indentation.

I would like to set a default.

The docs say to set a default (that won't be overridden) by setting
`common-lisp-indent-function property on the symbol.

The function slime-handle-indentation-update in slime-indentation.el
claims the same in its doc string.
It just doesn't actually contain the logic to do so (no "if" that will
prevent the override of indentation data if there is a user default - no
check on the existing properties at all)

Is this the case or am I using it wrong?


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