[slime-devel] remote connection difficulties

Philippe Sismondi psismondi at arqux.com
Wed Dec 29 23:53:01 UTC 2010

Thanks, Jorge. Your suggestion below solved the problem.

This was sent off the list; I am replying on the list so that everyone knows this case is closed, and with a Happy Ending ;-)

Thanks to everyone. Happy Lisping.


- Phil -

On 2010-12-29, at 5:00 PM, Jorge Tavares wrote:

> Hi Philippe,
> On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 17:49, Philippe Sismondi <psismondi at arqux.com> wrote:
>> Ubuntu emacs, namely that slime is fired up BUT no *slime-repl* appears. The
>> only buffers that get created are *slime-events* and *inferior-lisp*.
>> Is this a known problem? The emacs version on Ubuntu us gnu emacs
> I believe your problem is easy to solve. You need to add to your
> .emacs something like:
> (slime-setup '(slime-fancy))
> This will activate the repl since it became for quite some a contrib.
> Check the manual:
> http://common-lisp.net/project/slime/doc/html/Loading-Contribs.html#Loading-Contribs
> However, do you use Quicklisp? If so, install slime from Quicklisp
> because that way you ensure both machines have the same version and
> the proper configuration is done for you. To install quicklisp just
> check here: http://www.quicklisp.org/beta/
> For slime from within quicklisp just do: (ql:quickload "quicklisp-slime-helper")
> I hope it helps!
> Best,
> Jorge
> -- 
> http://jorgetavares.com

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