[slime-devel] remote connection difficulties

Philippe Sismondi psismondi at arqux.com
Wed Dec 29 16:49:45 UTC 2010

On 2010-12-29, at 3:17 AM, Helmut Eller wrote:

> * Philippe Sismondi [2010-12-29 06:09] writes:
>> Greetings. I am attempting to connect from aquamacs emacs + slime on my Mac
>> to a remote lisp on Ubuntu 10.10. These machines are both on my LAN.
>> On the Mac I am using ccl 1.6 64-bit, with the slime/swank provided by
>> aquamacs as of yesterday. This is described on the aquamacs site as
>> Aquamacs-slime-2010-12-28.pkg.tgz.
>> On Ubuntu 10.10 I am using ccl 1.7 32-bit, with yesterday's FAIRLY-STABLE
>> slime/swank.
> Some day I have to update the FAIRLY-STABLE tag.  Please use HEAD in the
> meantime.

Thanks for the assistance, Helmut. I have made some progress on this.

The Ubuntu side is clearly listening, but it produces a bunch of errors when I connect from aquamacs on the Mac. I think the problem now may be a slime version mismatch between the local and server machines.

Now, when I do moM-x slime-connect on the aquamacs side, it reported a version mismatch between slime and swank.  On the aquamacs side the version is 20-12-10. On the Ubuntu swank server side the version was 2007-08-16. (At this point after several hours of fiddling around I have no idea where I got that old 2007 version of slime/swank.)

I copied the Mac / aquamacs version of slime directly over to the Ubuntu side to try to make the two versions match. After doing so I encountered a problem in Ubuntu: no *slime-repl* buffer in emacs.

The 2010-12-10 version of slime from aquamacs, as well as the current HEAD and FAIRLY-STABLE versions of slime from cvs all exhibit the same problem in Ubuntu emacs, namely that slime is fired up BUT no *slime-repl* appears. The only buffers that get created are *slime-events* and *inferior-lisp*.

Is this a known problem? The emacs version on Ubuntu us gnu emacs

So I think I need matching (or at least compatible) versions of slime/swank on both machines, but also one the works properly in general, i.e. creates the *slime-repl*.

Let me know if I should attach anything from the slime startup in Ubuntu emacs, or other info.


- Phil -

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