[slime-devel] Some small fixes/enhancements for swank-cmucl

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 15:08:07 UTC 2010

Here are a couple of small fixes.  They're not patches, but the changes
are very simple.  If you want a patch, I can send that too.

First, let swank-cmucl figure out where gdb is:

(defvar *gdb-program-name*
  (ext:enumerate-search-list (p "path:gdb")
    (when (probe-file p)
      (return p))))

Also, disassemble-frame doesn't work on Mac OS X.  I guess the prompt is
not quite right.  Here is replacement that works for me:

(defun gdb-command (format-string &rest args)
  (let ((str (gdb-exec (format nil
                               "interpreter-exec mi2 \"attach ~d\"~%~
                                interpreter-exec console ~s~%detach"
                               (apply #'format nil format-string args))))
        (prompt (format nil
                        #-(and darwin x86) "~%^done~%(gdb) ~%"
                        #+(and darwin x86)
"~%^done,thread-id=\"1\"~%(gdb) ~%")))
    (subseq str (+ (or (search prompt str) 0) (length prompt)))))

Not sure about the (or (search prompt str) 0) part, but it might be
better to suck in the whole string than to error out when search return NIL.


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