[slime-devel] Bugtracker for Slime

Tobias C Rittweiler tcr at freebits.de
Mon Aug 23 20:36:24 UTC 2010

In article <m2vd741ijk.fsf at common-lisp.net>,
 Helmut Eller <heller at common-lisp.net> wrote:

> * Tobias C Rittweiler [2010-08-21 07:56] writes:
> > As I've got less time hacking on stuff, or even just following
> > mailing lists carefully, I'd like to have a way to look at issues
> > to maybe find something to hack even after one or two months
> > passed.
> >
> > I didn't feel like it was needed in past, but I'd now like
> > to have some kind of bug tracker, or issue management system.
> >
> > From SBCL's experience, launchpad is pretty decent, and
> > comes with a pretty decent mailing list interface.
> >
> > What are your thoughts on that matter?
> Trac also seems an option to consider; least that's available on cl.net.
> It seems to work to well for Clozure.  They use SVN which has some
> synergies with Trac but I guess having a Wiki and bug tracker at the
> same place also a good thing.

My experience with Trac so far is that it tends to be noticably
(euphemism for annoyingly) slow. Especially on c-l.net.

The suggestion about github etc. is what all the kool aid
is about nowadays, I guess. I wouldn't mind that either,
although I have no experience other than pulling from such
sources. I did hear good words about it, FWIW.

Presumably you can use those with hg also, or similiar
services will surely be found for hg elsewhere in case
you disdain for git is really overwhelming.

To get this done, how shall we proceed?


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