[slime-devel] SBCL - slime-restore support (take 2)

Anton Kovalenko anton at sw4me.com
Thu Aug 19 22:01:19 UTC 2010

Hello SLIME developers,

More elaborate patch for SBCL snapshot support is attached.
* Fixed alien array initialization for execve (and execv is now used);
* Added posix error handling for execv;
* Use *runtime-pathname*'s namestring to find executable reliably;
* I/O redirection is now restored correctly with (create-repl).

Unfortunately, there are some parts that I just can't get right,
e.g. fd-handlers accumulating in sb-impl::*descriptor-handlers*
(for now, I simply #+sbcl (remove them on startup)),
file descriptor of the old core that is inherited
(now I turn on FD_CLOEXEC on fd#3, that is normally the old core).

However, with all this "duct tape", it works.

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Regards, Anton Kovalenko
+7(916)345-34-02 | Elektrostal' MO, Russia

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