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Mark Harig idirectscm at aim.com
Sun Apr 18 16:52:08 UTC 2010

> Index: slime/ChangeLog
> diff -u slime/ChangeLog:1.2066 slime/ChangeLog:1.2067
> --- slime/ChangeLog:1.2066  Thu Apr 15 14:01:13 2010
> +++ slime/ChangeLog Sat Apr 17 14:10:20 2010
> @@ -1,3 +1,16 @@
> +2010-04-17  Stas Boukarev  <stassats at gmail.com>
> +
> +   * slime.el (slime-threads-update-interval): New customization
> +   variable, if set to a number the threads buffer will
> +   updated with this interval.

1. Because no :group keyword value was specified, the value for the 
field in the *Customize* buffer is 'Slime Debugger'.  This default
could be changed by specifying  'slime-ui for the :group keyword
value in the definition of `slime-threads-update-interval'.

2. If a :type keyword value of 'integer is specified in the definition
of `slime-threads-update-interval', then the *Customize* buffer will
prevent the setting of the variable's value to a non-integer.  This
would need to be combined with setting the default value for the
variable to zero instead of nil, and with a change to the code that
uses the variable, in the function `slime-list-threads'.

Here is a suggested patch for these changes to slime.el, revision 

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