[slime-devel] [CLSQL] Slime, CLSQL, and reader macros

Patrick May patrick.may at mac.com
Fri Apr 2 19:03:13 UTC 2010

On Apr 2, 2010, at 2:20 PM, Helmut Eller wrote:
> * Patrick May [2010-04-02 19:20+0200] writes:
>> 	My goal is to have my development and testing in Slime reflect
>> 	exactly what will happen when I run the same code in the same
>> 	file from the command line.  I see three possible ways of
>> 	achieving this:
>> 1)  Configure Clozure to behave more like SBCL, if possible.
>> 2)  Use swank:*default-worker-thread-bindings* externally to the file somehow.
>> 3)  Set swank:*communication-style* to :fd-handler.
> :fd-handler doesn't work with CCL.  You could set
> swank:*communication-style* to nil, which works with every backend, but
> of course loses some niceties, eg. you can't use M-. while Lisp does a
> lengthy computation.

	Thanks for the details.  Is supporting :fd-handler for CCL on the roadmap?

>> What is my best option?  
> Well, the easiest would be not to mess around with custom read syntax
> and follow the old advice: "don't fight your tools".

	Like Slime, CLSQL is a pretty standard tool.  I'm surprised to have so much trouble using them together.

	Thanks again for the help.



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