[slime-devel] [asdf-binary-locations-devel] 8-bit Allegro mode

Gary King gwking at metabang.com
Tue Sep 8 01:57:20 UTC 2009

Hi Scott (and all),

I'm thinking of going with:

   #+allegro   (format nil
					; ANSI vs MoDeRn
		      ;; thanks to Robert Goldman and Charley Cox for
		      ;; an improvement to my hack
		      (if (eq excl:*current-case-mode*
			      :case-sensitive-lower) "M" "A")
		      ;; Note if using International ACL
		      ;; see http://www.franz.com/support/documentation/8.1/doc/operators/excl/ics-target-case.htm
			(:-ics "8")
			(:+ics "X"))
                       (if (member :64bit *features*) "-64bit" ""))

Is there any dissent?

Gary Warren King, metabang.com
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