[slime-devel] Setting coding system in init function used to start a core-with-swank [Was: The value 9 is not of type list]

Sebastian Tennant sebyte at smolny.plus.com
Wed Sep 2 18:41:25 UTC 2009

Quoth Helmut Eller <heller at common-lisp.net>:
> The ignored argument (_) is the coding system.

Ah.  Well that's clear :)

> Add the :coding-system argument there

Eh?  Surely it's going to depend how the lambda function is called, and
regardless of the value of _ I fail to see how this will make it into the call
to swank:start-server as it stands.

> or look at slime-init-command for the default definition.

I did but it wasn't much help (to me).

Anyway, I've finally got it working the brute force way:

 (setq slime-lisp-implementations
        '(sbcl ("sbcl" "--core" "/usr/local/lib/sbcl/sbcl.core-with-swank")
          :init (lambda (port-file _)
                   "(swank:start-server %S :coding-system \"utf-8-unix\")\n"

Clearly this is not what you meant so it'd be good to know how it should be

And perhaps it should be added to the manual too.

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