[slime-devel] slime-selector ?r and slime-repl ordering

Derrell Piper ddp at electric-loft.org
Sat Oct 31 22:37:50 UTC 2009

A note on slime-setup ordering.  I recently noticed that slime- 
selector 'r' quit taking me to the REPL and instead started taking me  
to the *inferior-lisp* buffer.  The reason turned out to be the  
ordering of the slime-setup in my .emacs:


	(slime-setup '(slime-fancy slime-asdf inferior-slime))

...does not work, whereas this:

	(slime-setup '(inferior-slime slime-fancy slime-asdf))

works correctly.  (I guess I introduced this a while back and just  
never noticed.)

The reason is that inferior-slime and slime-repl (loaded via slime- 
fancy) are mutually exclusive with respect to their def-slime-selector- 
method ?r definitions:

(def-slime-selector-method ?r				-- contrib/inferior-lisp.el
    "SLIME Read-Eval-Print-Loop."

(def-slime-selector-method ?r				-- contrib/slime-repl.el
  "SLIME Read-Eval-Print-Loop."

However neither slime-fancy (nor just slime-repl) will load without  
inferior-slime.  Either loses with:

  Symbol's value as variable is void: inferior-slime-mode-map

...and so the natural tendency is to tack on inferior-slime to the end  
of your slime-setup which results in this bug.  Please advise if  
there's a better way do this.




I'm glad you backed out the reversed restart numbering change.  Please  
don't do that.

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