[slime-devel] problem with slime-pre-command-hook

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Wed Oct 28 09:18:20 UTC 2009

* Ram Bhamidipaty [2009-10-27 14:36+0100] writes:

> I am having a problem with slime, xemacs and sbcl.
> slime is from cvs and up to date. I'm using the
> xemacs from fedora 11. With sbcl 1.0.30
> The problem happens when slime is printing
> function info a window at the bottom of the screen.
>  At the REPL when I type
>   (search
> and then hit <space> slime will bring up a *SLIME Note*
> window with the function info.
> If I type a second <space> then some kind of xemacs
> error window comes up:
> (12) (command/warning) Error in `pre-command-hook' (resetting to nil):
> (invalid-change (Deletion of this object not currently permitted
> #<window on "*SLIME Note*" 0xeaa1c7>))

OK, I can reproduce this problem with XEmacs 21.5 (beta29)
but not with XEmacs 21.4.

There are also other problems like
 (make-overlay (point-marker) (1+ (point))) 
which doesn't work in 21.5 but works in 21.4.

I'd say that those are XEmacs regressions.

Keeping XEmacs compatibility gets harder every day.  We can't use the
newer Emacs features and we have to invent new workarounds for the
growing number of XEmacs bugs.  Everybody who uses 21.5 (and doesn't use
the typeout window) would have seen this problem but you are the first
to report it, which makes me think that there are only few XEmacs users
left.  21.5 is still beta and Debian only ships 21.4 so maybe everybody
uses 21.4.

Fixing this is not fun at all.


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