[slime-devel] Restart Numbering

Tobias C. Rittweiler tcr at freebits.de
Sun Oct 25 18:55:24 UTC 2009

Madhu <enometh at meer.net> writes:

> | No that is not the case. I wonder how I'm supposed to make use of the
> | old way when the unit test framework provides generally-available
> | restarts like skipping a test case, debugging a test case, etc. and
> | these restarts get associated different numbers depending on whether the
> | test case signalled just an error, or signalled a continuable error.
> |
> | Please tell me.
> I'm not sure what youre asking, perhaps the flaw is in the way restarts
> were designed by the writers of the framework, who probably gave no
> thought to the issue and you are changing slime to fit that flawed view
> of the world. 

So instead of writing

  (restart-bind ((a ...)
                 (b ...))
    (run-test (find-test foo)))

they should probably write

  (handler-bind ((serious-condition (c)
                   (restart-bind ((a ...)
                                  (b ...))
                     (error c))))
    (run-test (find-test foo)))

Hmm. Seems like I learned something from the thread indeed. :-)

Thank you,


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