[slime-devel] slime-lispworks.el 2009-09-02 regression

Madhu enometh at meer.net
Sun Oct 25 07:10:43 UTC 2009

* Stas Boukarev <87eipr716w.fsf at gmail.com> :
Wrote on Mon, 28 Sep 2009 15:34:15 +0400:

| Madhu <enometh at meer.net> writes:
|> This commit introduces a regression:
|> * 2009-09-02  Stas Boukarev  <stassats at gmail.com>
* Stas Boukarev <87eipr716w.fsf at gmail.com> :
|> |
|> |	* swank-lispworks.lisp (replace-strings-with-symbols): New
|> |	function for recursively interning and replacing strings in a
|> |	list.  (arglist): Replace all strings in arglists with symbols.


| Fixed in CVS, thanks for the report.

Thanks I got around to checking this, and this will not be an issue to
slime users, but the fix, REPLACE-STRINGS-WITH-SYMBOLS conses a new list
AND the call to the function is in a critical path: it is called
heavily. TRACE REPLACE-STRINGS-WITH-SYMBOLS to see how often this gets

BTW I haven't seen the test case (the problem) which required this
fix in the first place

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