[slime-devel] slime bug: hang when execute command "(sys:call-system '("explorer.exe" "http://www.g.cn") :wait nil)" in slime-repl with lispworks windows 32 bit, 5.1, professional version.

Stas Boukarev stassats at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 19:59:35 UTC 2009

On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 12:11 PM, jingtao xu <jingtaozf at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi developers:
>  I use slime with a console version of  lispworks windows 32
> bit,5.1,professional version.
> when i type command:
> CL-USER> (sys:call-system '("explorer.exe" "http://www.g.cn") :wait nil)
> then the input hangs there,without any response.
> my slime version is cvs server with date 2009.11.26
> my lispworks console is generated with codes in attacment file resave.lisp
> my emacs version is 23.0.94.
> Best wishes and thanks for your work.
I can reproduce this on linux by calling sys:call-system with any
executable it cannot find. And it works fine when gc monitor isn't
running. Quiting gc monitor during the freeze helps too.
I don't really know how to approach this problem, and whether it is
the slime problem at all.

With best regards, Stas.

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