[slime-devel] Repl-test test case, save-recursion in slime-wait-condition

Tobias C. Rittweiler tcr at freebits.de
Wed Mar 4 08:16:33 UTC 2009

Hello Helmut,

the save-excursion before the call to slime-accept-process-output in
slime-wait-condition in slime-sync-to-top-level makes the (test point)
in the repl-test test case fail.

Slime-sync-to-top-level is called from within the slime repl, and during
the slime-accept-process-output the REPL's point is supposed to be
placed at the new prompt's input marker, but the save-excursion prevents

Removing the save-excursion makes repl-test go through, and does not
introduce any new regression as far as I can see. Can you still remember
why you added it?


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