[slime-devel] Bug in hyperspec lookup (or slime-reader-macro-at-point)

Chaitanya Gupta mail at chaitanyagupta.com
Mon Mar 2 08:26:40 UTC 2009


The newly added slime-reader-macro-at-point is causing a few problems 
with hyperspec lookup. Specifically, if the point is on the first letter 
of the first element (a symbol) of a sexp, e.g. if the point is on the 
letter 'l' of the sexp '(list foo bar ...)', then C-c C-d h will return 
the hyperspec entry for Left Paranthesis and not List. If I move the 
point forward to 'i', then it correctly returns the hyperspec entry for 

More generally, I think that hyperspec lookup w.r.t reader macros should 
be fine-tuned a bit. Does anyone ever really need to lookup the 
hyperspec entry for left/right parenthesis?


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