[slime-devel] CCL changes

Gail Zacharias gz at clozure.com
Sun Jul 26 01:52:17 UTC 2009


I'm about to check in a slew of changes to CCL (OpenMCL) to provide
better support for Slime.  I have a version of the swank backend for
CCL modified to use the new functionality, and have been using it for
a few weeks without problems so I'd like to submit it for inclusion in
slime.  However, the swank changes are textually extensive and would
be a pain to conditionalize individually, and the versions of ccl
without the new stuff are still in common use and probably will be for
a few more months.  So the approach I've come up with is as follows:

  - Add a new file, "swank-ccl.lisp", which implements the swank
backend for ccl using the new functionality.
  - Change swank-loader to load swank-ccl rather than swank-openmcl.
  - The old file, "swank-openmcl.lisp", still exists, but is not
loaded by default.
  - swank-ccl.lisp checks whether it's running in a ccl with the new
changes, and if not, switches to swank-openmcl.lisp.

Is this acceptable? If not, what would be the best way to proceed?

I've attached swank-ccl.lisp to this message, below is the swank-loader change.

diff -r1.90 swank-loader.lisp
<   #+openmcl '(metering swank-openmcl swank-gray)
>   #+clozure '(metering swank-ccl swank-gray)
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