[slime-devel] XEmacs support (was: slime-typeout-frame vs autodoc timers)

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Fri Jul 3 17:27:43 UTC 2009

* Raymond Toy [2009-07-03 04:09+0200] writes:

> Second, I get the following error using xemacs 21.5.29.

Would switching to Emacs bother you a lot?

For several years now, XEmacs is falling back behind Emacs and it seems
to me that it only gets worse: XEmacs essentially has to implement the
features that Emacs adds (in a bug compatible way).  This gets rather
boring and apparently the XEmacs project is running out of man power.

In many aspects, the newest XEmacs is still where Emacs20 was.  Emacs21
was released in 2001 and it seems about time to drop support for it. 
I'm also inclined to drop support for XEmacs.


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