[slime-devel] Two minor bugs

James Wright james at chumsley.org
Fri Aug 28 22:46:21 UTC 2009

Hi everyone,

I've noticed a couple of bugs in the most recent version of slime:

1.  If I type #\Sp<Tab> in the REPL, I get the message "string=:
Symbol's function definition is void: dbgmsg".  The following change
in `slime-contextual-completions' seems to fix it:

diff -r1.11 slime-c-p-c.el
<            (string= (dbgmsg (subseq token 0 2)) "#\\"))
>            (string= (subseq token 0 2) "#\\"))

2. The documentation for `slime-maybe-show-compilation-log' says that
it displays the compilation log if compilation fails or if "NOTES is
non-NIL".  That doesn't match its behaviour; in the current CVS
version, it shows the compilation log only if compilation has failed.
Is this intended?  If not, the following simple change fixes it:

diff -r1.1217 slime.el
<     (unless successp
>     (when (or (null successp) notes)


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