[slime-devel] sbc.core-with-swank

Stas Boukarev stassats at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 15:53:22 UTC 2009

Sebastian Tennant <sebyte at smolny.plus.com> writes:

> Quoth Helmut Eller <heller at common-lisp.net>:
>> * Sebastian Tennant [2009-08-22 07:08+0200] writes:
>>> The Slime manual suggests otherwise though (info "(slime) Loading Swank faster"):
>>>  Then add this to your `.emacs':
>>>       (setq slime-lisp-implementations
>>>             '((sbcl ("sbcl" "--core" "sbcl.core-with-swank")
>>>                     :init (lambda (port-file _)
>>>                             (format "(swank:start-server %S)\n" port-file)))))
>>> Could someone clarify this situation?
>> You probably have to give an absolute filename.  Doesn't sound
>> particularly noteworthy to me.
> Do you not think the example lisp form in the manual misleading?
> Surely it should read 
>  "/path/to/sbcl.core-with-swank"
> or
>  ".../sbcl.core-with-swank"
> or simply make mention of the fact that an absolute path is required.
Absolute path isn't required, sbcl.core-with-swank could be in the
current directory. I don't think it's misleading, common sense suggests
that something can find specified file either in the current
directory, or by the full path.

With best regards, Stas.

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