[slime-devel] Some xemacs issues/fixes

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 03:41:28 UTC 2009

Raymond Toy wrote:
> Raymond Toy wrote:
>> Helmut Eller wrote:
>>> * Raymond Toy [2009-08-14 03:27+0200] writes:
>>>> One long standing bug is that xemacs' goto-char doesn't like nil.  This
>>>> shows up with C-x C-k and there are no warnings or errors.  I get an
>>>> error about nil not being an integer or marker.  It comes from
>>>> slime-find-note, in the loop that runs (goto-char (funcall
>>>> next-candidate-fn (point) 'slime-note).  I changed that so goto-char
>>>> isn't called if funcall returns nil.  This gets rid of the warning.
>>> goto-char wouldn't work with nil in Emacs either.  It could be that our
>>> emulation for next-single-char-property-change returns nil but judging
>>> from the code that doesn't seem possible.  Can you give a recipe to
>>> reproduce the bug?  C-c C-k without warnings seems to work here.
>> I'll take a look at next-single-char-property-change.  And I'm currently
>> using xemacs 21.5.29.
> Not sure what the issue is, but if I just change
> slime-DEFUN-if-undefined to plain defun, then I don't get an error.
> Perhaps a bug in xemacs in handling slime-DEFUN-if-undefined?

Or because xemacs already has the function so slime-DEFUN-if-undefined
does nothing.

The docstring says it returns NIL if the property is constant all the
way to the end of the object.

I hacked slime-find-note to say (goto-char (or (funcall ...)
(point-max)) and that makes things work.

And the problem with post-command-hook appears to be a bug in xemacs'
fsf compatibility function for timer-set-idle-time.  It was calling
set-itimer-restart with a second arg of t instead of the number secs.

So it looks like things are working now, except eldoc displays the elisp
function info, but slime typeout displays the correct thing.

Sorry for all trouble and messages.


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