[slime-devel] Emacs 23 and slow compilation output

Carlos Konstanski ckonstanski at pippiandcarlos.com
Tue Aug 11 16:50:17 UTC 2009

On Tue, 11 Aug 2009, Helmut Eller wrote:

> Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 18:37:07 +0200
> From: Helmut Eller <heller at common-lisp.net>
> To: slime-devel at common-lisp.net
> Subject: Re: [slime-devel] Emacs 23 and slow compilation output
> * Carlos Konstanski [2009-08-11 17:39+0200] writes:
>> Just a thought... maybe try compiling emacs 23 without xft support (if
>> that is an option on a Mac).
> Running Emacs in a terminal with emacs -nw is probably easier than
> recompiling.
>> You lose antialiasing; you gain font
>> control via ~/.Xdefaults, and probably much faster font rendering.
> I think .Xdefaults also works with true-type fonts e.g.:
> Emacs.Font: DejaVu Sans Mono-10
> Helmut

I failed to mention that I have been fighting with a particular font
in emacs 23: the lisp machine font.  It is not a true type font.  It
never shows up in the usual GTK or QT font selector widgets.  xfontsel
is the only gui font chosser tool that recognizes it.  I just went
back to the web page (http://www.eurogaran.com/downloads/lispmfont/)
and tried again.  Using these instructions, I got it to work even with


(set-default-font "fontset-lispm")


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