[slime-devel] Improved font-lock

Mikhail Novikov freiksenet at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 14:35:19 UTC 2009


As I understood there is no ready-made solution for this problem,
therefore I will have to hack it. I wonder if it is possible to access
SLIME competition list somehow. Also some advice on algorithm would be
very helpful - probably good solution would be to scan any buffer on
load to find any symbols that should be added to font-lock mode, then
rescan modified parts?

Best regards, Mikhail

Mikhail Novikov wrote:
> Hi!
> SLIME is great and it was the reason why I switched from vim to emacs.
> But both vim and emacs+slime have one minor problem that bugs me a lot:
> syntax coloration only applies to predefined set of keywords, so not
> only some of common lisp standard keywords such as "push" are not
> colored, but also all functions user implements are not highlighted.
> Is it somehow possible to make slime modify lisp font-lock mode so all
> currently implemented functions/macroses/variables are highlighted too?
> M-tab already gives the list of all possible keywords, so this should
> not be too hard, I think %)
> Thanks beforehand, Mikhail Novikov

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