[slime-devel] hyperspec tweak

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Sun Aug 2 07:19:45 UTC 2009

* vanekl [2009-08-02 02:18+0200] writes:

> I had to change the "push" to a "pushnew" (and add a test) in the
> following function in hyperspec.el to keep my browser from opening up
> more than 1 tab for a (common-lisp-hyperspec ...) query. This is from
> today's cvs pull.

I think common-lisp-hyperspec is supposed to display all definitions.
To quote the docstring:

  If SYMBOL-NAME has more than one definition, all of them are displayed with
  your favorite browser in sequence.  The browser should have a "back"
  function to view the separate definitions.


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