[slime-devel] UTF-8 support for slime in Lispworks back end

Alain Picard Alain.Picard at accenture.com
Mon Sep 29 06:21:08 UTC 2008

Dear Slimers,

I've implemented support for Lispworks in slime so that
all characters exchanged between emacs and lispworks
allow one to directly send and receive korean, japanese etc
characters from the REPL, and to hit C-c C-c on a utf-8
encoded file w/o blowing up the slime connection.

Example transcript:

    XOS> (ui:caption 'are-you-sure-to-proceed)
    "계속 하시겠습니까?"
    XOS> (type-of *)


 * You MUST have set your lispworks to use LW:SIMPLE-CHAR

   For us, this is done at time of delivery for the text
   console that we use to connect slime to.

 * You MUST be in an image where a recent FLEXI-STREAMS
   is loaded (i.e. :FLEXI-STREAMS must be on the features list.)
   Failure to satisfy this reverts you to the previous,
   broken behaviour.  :-)

 * Only 1 type of connection to lispworks is allowed; i.e.
   you can't have one latin-1 and one utf-8 connection simultaneously.
   This is because I couldn't find out how to inspect the current
   connection to determine what external-format it had been opened
   with.  Maybe somebody can fix this.

 * You can then set your emacs with this
   (setq slime-net-coding-system 'utf-8-unix)
   and have a UTF-8 interaction with lispworks.

This patch is taken against a (very recent) tip checkout, and
should apply cleanly, I hope.


                                Alain Picard

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