[slime-devel] Re: Buffered slime output

Tayssir John Gabbour tjg at pentaside.org
Wed Sep 17 12:16:16 UTC 2008


I have that exact same problem with SBCL 1.0.20 and today's Slime from 
CVS. All output seems to be buffered.

All best,

Raymond Toy wrote:
 > Until yesterday, I had been using a version from 2008-07-08.  This
 > worked pretty well.  Yesterday I updated to the latest CVS version.
 > Everything seems to be working fine, but now the output appears to
 > be buffered strangely.  Any function that produces a lot of output
 > seems to have it buffered.  When I enter something else into the
 > repl, the missing output then comes out.  This is a bit annoying.

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