[slime-devel] slime-(repl-)set-package (was Re: Daily ChangeLog diff)

Luis Oliveira luismbo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 16:02:18 UTC 2008

mbaringer at common-lisp.net (Marco Baringer) writes:
> +2008-01-02  Luís Oliveira  <loliveira at common-lisp.net>
> +
> +	Use sane default values for slime-repl-set-package.
> +
> +	Previously, when typing `,!p' at the REPL, the current package
> +	would have been inserted as a default (although the whole intent
> +	was to /change/ the current package in the first place), now
> +	nothing is inserted anymore.

Hmm, I don't recall writing this explanation which is a good one except
the last bit is not true.  The patch reverts to the original behaviour
of calling slime-find-buffer-package.

I always use this command through the REPL buffer; indeed nothing is
inserted in that case but that's not what happens if this command is
invoked in another buffer.  That might be a good thing for
slime-repl-set-package since the repl's package doesn't necessarily
match the buffer's.  For slime-set-package, I don't know; I don't
actually understand what it's used for.

> +	* slime.el (slime-pretty-current-package): rename it to
> +	slime-pretty-find-buffer-package and make it use
> +	slime-find-buffer-package instead of slime-current-package.
> +	(slime-repl-set-package, slime-set-package): use new function.

Luís Oliveira

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