[slime-devel] [bug] ecl-swank chokes on cl-ppcre docstring

Daniel Herring dherring at tentpost.com
Tue Dec 30 03:23:38 UTC 2008

Here's the original offender (and fix):
diff of cl-ppcre-2.0.1/util.lisp:45,46
  (defmacro with-unique-names ((&rest bindings) &body body)
-  "Syntax: WITH-UNIQUE-NAMES ( { var | (var x) }* ) declaration* form*
+  "Syntax WITH-UNIQUE-NAMES ( { var | (var x) }* ) declaration* form*

Steps to reproduce:
* load ECL in Slime
* evaluate a form like the following
(defmacro break-slime (&rest args)
   "Syntax: this-is-bad"
   (list args))
* Slime complains
"THIS-IS-BAD is not of type CONS.
   [Condition of type TYPE-ERROR]"

This is caused by grovel-docstring-for-arglist in slime/swank-ecl.lisp.

By bad luck, Edi happened to use a docstring which *almost* matched the 
format...  Slime/swank should handle it more gracefully.


P.S.  After tracking that down, I updated to the latest Slime CVS; but 
slime broke.  Another bug report...

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