[slime-devel] More features by default

Luis Oliveira luismbo at gmail.com
Sat Dec 27 21:22:22 UTC 2008

Hello Helmut,

I would like to suggest that the slime-fancy contrib be loaded by
default.  Some of those features have become rather fundamental to me
and, I suspect, to many other SLIME users as well.

IMHO, it would be unfortunate if newcomers didn't get to experience the
CLOS inspector, autodoc, presentations, the REPL(!), etc, because of
inadequate default settings.  I believe said newcomers will quite likely
find SLIME somewhat anemic and underwhelming.

I hope you take this suggestion into consideration and I'd be glad to
prepare a patch with the necessary trivial changes to slime.el and


Luís Oliveira

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