[slime-devel] problem with slime from cvs head and sbcl 1.0.23

Ram Bhamidipaty rambham at gmail.com
Sat Dec 27 00:39:39 UTC 2008

> Try to remove $HOME/.slime and all slime fasl files then recompile/restart
> again. Works for me with the latest CVS version.
> --wbr.


Thanks for the tip.  I tried that - no luck.

I can see that on the emacs side slime-set-connection-info
will print out the message "Connected" along with the
slime-random-words-of-encouragement. I do see that
part. The inferior lisp buffer has the sbcl '*' prompt.

What part of slime should clear the screen and start
the repl. Is there some kind of additional "signal" that
is needed from the lisp/sbcl process or is the problem
likely to be on the emacs side?

Again - my problem is that after emacs/slime prints out
the connection greeting the screen is not cleared and I am
not shown the repl buffer.


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