[slime-devel] Slime with SBCL 1.0.22 on windows ; pipelined request... (swank:listener-eval "d

Nikodemus Siivola nikodemus at random-state.net
Wed Dec 24 12:10:32 UTC 2008

On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 12:13 AM, Helmut Eller <heller at common-lisp.net> wrote:

> Summary: it's a problem with SBCL/Windows/READ-CHAR-NO-HANG/socket-streams.
> We could work around that in SLIME but it would clearly be better if the
> bug would be fixed in SBCL.

No disagreement there. However, considering that no-one is actively
working on the Windows port right now, and that READ-CHAR-NO-HANG has
AFAIK always behaved like this on SBCL/Windows, I think the practical
solution is to work around it.

(If someone is knowledgeable about Windows, I would be more than happy
to point them to the relevant bits in SBCL code, and merge any fix
they come up with, though.)


 -- Nikodemus

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