[slime-devel] text properties in REPL

Madhu enometh at meer.net
Wed Dec 24 09:41:59 UTC 2008

* Helmut Eller <m263lbuwg4.fsf at common-lisp.net> :
Wrote on Tue, 23 Dec 2008 09:28:43 +0100:
| I think a REPL without history would be rather painful.  It's probably
| the best if I move the entire REPL to contrib.

SLIME without a REPL is even more painful.  I'd not suggest making the
REPL a second class citizen (by moving it to contrib).  Factoring out
all the REPL would not help solve the use case problem (with repl
history) I was hoping such a rearchitecture would address.  At minimum
it would be addressed by adding a (require 'slime-repl-history) in

You won't find a bigger fan of the every-project-should-be-a-single-file
philosophy than me --- but I would make the exception here.  SLIME (like
org) is conceptually big enough to warrant dismemberment into pieces
which would then be REQUIRE'd in the body of slime.el after some
engineering of load-path.


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