[slime-devel] Slime with SBCL 1.0.22 on windows ; pipelined request... (swank:listener-eval "d

Rayne rayne at acidrayne.net
Mon Dec 22 02:40:17 UTC 2008

I installed slime, and SBCL for windows, and it works fine, except for 
the REPL. Everything works great until I do something to cause an error, 
when I do, the debugger fires and gives me my options, and no matter 
which one I choose, nothing happens. The CL-USER> prompt doesn't come 
back, it just hangs up, and any thing I type results in it saying "; 
pipelined request... (swank:listener-eval "d". Is there any way to fix 
this? This really sucks. I'm sure it's something to do with SBCL because 
the windows port is experimental, just shooting at the chance of there 
being a fix for it.



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