[slime-devel] problems with kawa + slime

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Tue Dec 9 09:27:38 UTC 2008

* Sampo Vuori [2008-12-09 08:30+0100] writes:

> Hi,
> It's great to see some support for kawa in slime.. I wanted to give it
> a go today but ran in a few showstoppers. With the latest kawa
> compiler I ran into an error which might be a compiler bug, when
> issuing the compile command:
> (compile-file "swank-kawa.scm" "swank-kawa") I get a stack trace:
> java.lang.Error: popType called with empty stack

Yes, this looks like a compiler bug.  But it's probably hard to create a
small test case for this because the code in question is generated by a
pattern matching macro which results in lots of nested IFs.

> After going back a few versions (to revision 6150) the swank-kawa
> compiles but I get the following error when starting slime in emacs:
> #|kawa:2|# connection: Socket[addr=/,port=50431,localport=50430]
> listener: Thread[swank-listener,5,main] 1867624887 chan at 11711970
> #<environment user>
> attaching: -n 10332 20

Apparently the process id of the JVM was parsed incorrectly.
On Linux this looks like:  attaching: 3649 20

There is a function getpid in swank-kawa.scm which invokes "echo -n
$PPID".  The -n is probably a GNU extension.  Luckily, it's not actually
needed.  So, you can delete the -n and try to compile it again.

I think that the Clojure guys use some the java.lang.management classes
to get the pid.  Maybe that would be more portable.


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